Staffing with a personal touch. Sounds obvious. We’re talking about people here, right?


Job seekers don’t just want to be “placed”. Employers don’t just want to “fill a vacancy.” They want to be helped. Whether that means taking the next step in their career, growing their business, finding their passion, or bringing in someone with vision.

In 2005, three of the founding BANKW Staffing partners decided to take a risk. Although they were already in the business of connecting people, they realized that it was time to make staffing more human.

So after a lot of talk (and a couple of beers), they got up the nerve to start their own firm.

And KBW was born.

“What we really wanted to do was hire people that not only were good for the business, but people we actually enjoy spending time with.”

Today, there are five partners and four staffing firms that make up the BANKW family. And each one focuses on helping people achieve their business and career goals.

What Makes BANKW Different?

All BANKW Staffing companies are powered by the same philosophy: We find the right fit for all our clients, candidate or employer.

Location, location, location.
When we say we’re local, we mean it. We live here, we work here, we’re connected—personally and professionally—with the people you’re looking to hire. And because we’re locally owned and operated, we’re invested in our communities and your company.
Zeroed in on talent
Each of our companies specializes in finding talent in a specific discipline and our sole focus on the New Hampshire and Greater Boston region means you receive unparalleled access to the area’s most valued professionals.
Meeting is knowing
Our recruiters carefully review each resume—and meet every candidate in person—before sending them to you to make sure you only get the best candidates.
One contact, countless solutions
Unlike other agencies, BANKW companies make sure you have a single point of contact who will customize an approach to your business model and find you the professionals you need, when you need them, on a project or full-time basis.
We only succeed when you succeed
That means you can count on us to be honest and direct. We’ll work with you to examine your needs, and provide you with temporary, permanent, or temporary-to-permanent solutions best suited to you and your team.